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Sedario is a two-player abstract strategy game, played on an 8-by-8 square grid, with two game pieces: one white and one black (one for each player).

Players start by placing their pieces on the board: white first, and then black. Black must place their piece in a different square than white.

Then players alternate taking turns to move their respective piece (under certain constraints explained below *). The first player that is unable to move, loses.

When a player moves, the departed square is greyed out ("lost"), and a line ("arrow") is drawn on the board that intersects both the departure and destination square. There is only one exception for drawing the arrow: if the line would intersect the opponent, no line is drawn, and this is called an "open". When one player moves, the arrow from the previous move is removed from the board (there is at most one arrow on the board at any time).

*A player can move if

  • the destination square is a queens move away (in the same row, column, or diagonal), AND
  • there is no lost square in the direct path in between the departed and destination squares (pieces cannot move past lost squares), AND
  • the departed and destination squares are on the same side of the arrow or there is no arrow on the board (pieces cannot move past the arrow).



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